Dad Hires A Special Forces Soldier To Get Kidnapped Daughter Back And I’m Picturing Jason Statham In The Movie Version


This isn’t a movie. It sounds like a movie. It will be a movie. Maybe on Lifetime. Lifetime for Men. Is there a Lifetime For Men?

Craig Michael picked up his daughter and ran to a waiting car, while his special forces sidekick doused the little girl’s grandfather with pepper spray. It was an operation that had taken months to plan – and to a passerby might have looked like an abduction.

But Craig had been forced to extreme measures to get his much-loved five-year-old Crystal back. And all his actions were legal.

“And all his actions were legal” <– GREAT MOVIE TAGLINE! The Dad Plan: All His Actions Are Legal – in theaters this Christmas!

Long story short — Craig’s youngest daughter was abducted by her mom and she took her to Poland. With the courts on his side, Craig was able to get her back using extreme measures.


Read the whole story here or just wait for the movie.


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