Becoming A Father At A Young Age Rewards Men With The Worst Gift Of All – An Early Death


Here’s some bad news for all the young fathers in the crowd. Stand up so we all can see you. Come on, stand up men. Let’s give these guys a round of applause because they might not make it through the night.

Men who have kids at a young age die sooner, according to science, and we all know there’s no disputing science!

Researchers have observed for a long time that men who have children at a young age tend to die earlier. But this finding has been mostly dismissed as a quirk of statistics, one that most researchers assumed could be explained by the fact that they were poorer, had less education or other socioeconomic factors rather than the stresses of fatherhood itself.

Finnish scientists seeking to discover what factors were actually at play looked at 30,500 men born between 1940 and 1950 and who became fathers by the age of 45. They tracked these men using the country’s census until death or age 54.

In the 10-year monitoring period of the study, about 1 in 20 of the dads died, with 21 percent dying from heart disease and 16 percent from alcohol-related causes.

On one end were the young dads — those who had their first child by the time they were 22. They had a 26 percent higher risk of death than those who fathered their first by 25 or 26. At the other end were those who became dads between 30 and 44. They had a 25 percent lower risk of death.

The primary cause of death is actually tied to money. Because everything is always tied to money.

While having a child at a young age may be less disruptive for a man than a woman, the researchers said, it may still cause “considerable psychological and economic stress for a young man and deprive him of the ability to invest in his own well being.”

So if you’re a young dad, nice knowing you. If you waited to have kids later, like myself, let’s all have a drink and toast the young dads and oh my, another one just dropped. Someone check his pockets for a wallet. Next round is on him.

[Source: Washington Post]


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