Look At This Tiny Piece Of Food And Tell Me Why I’m Freaking Out Over It

Small Piece Of Food

This final morsel of a peanut butter and jelly almost started a war between myself and The Kid. He’s a bantam weight minus thirty pounds. The kid lives on cheeseburgers, PB&J and the cries of his little sister and it’s a chore every night to get him to ingest anything off his plate.

So he’s down to the last bite of sandwich and the octogenarian Italian woman in him said “finish the last bite” and he refused and I’m like “come on it’s one bite” and I’m not sure if it was spite or lack of appetite (after just eating the rest of the sandwich) but he just wouldn’t eat the damn piece and in my mind I’m yelling “EAT THAT FUCKING PIECE OF SANDWICH” but the health conscious, exerciser, prone-to-overeat person inside asked “why does he have to eat that?”

Am I trying to prove a point? Trying to get as many calories in him as possible? Waging a war where there’s technically no winner?

What’s my deal?


One comment

  1. It’s all a matter of CONTROL. Him trying to control his surroundings. Kids they don’t have much – food and potty habits are about the only two. They are always being told what to do. So they fight eating and maybe potty training.

    I have six grown kids (most of them are decent humans…I kid…maybe) and what always worked was giving them choices. Now matter how silly they sound.

    Here’s your PB&J…do you want it all or just half today?
    Would you like to use the potty today or stay in your diaper?
    Do you want all of those fries or just a few.
    Would you like the peanut butter on the top or the bottom of your sandwich?

    Whatever (I can’t really think of GOOD examples right now…all those brain cells lost to kids…and age) but it really really does work.

    Good luck!


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