Baby Laughing In Tree Haunts Family Until Ohhh That Explains It

Evil Baby

There’s a dead animal in the overgrown bushes on the side of my house. I don’t know what, or how, but fuck if I’m doing a deep dive into those scrubs. I’m not sure who to call though — a landscaper or animal control. There isn’t a guy who does both? Can I call for an Uber and get the dead creature a ride out of my yard? CELL PHONES MAKE LIFE SO EASY SO WHY DOES MINE CONTINUE TO BE SO DIFFICULT!

These people heard a laughing baby in a tree. They didn’t call the police. They called a witch doctor and then a coconut guy. I’ll save you the click, that website has more ads than a senate meeting has assholes.

The family of Govinda, a resident of Vandse in Kundapur taluk of Udupi district, became scared when they began to hear the sounds of a baby laughing from their coconut tree late every evening. The family approached an astrologer, seeking a remedy from the child’s laughter. They assumed that spirits were haunting them.

The astrologer told them that evil spirts were troubling them, and they had to perform a homa. However, despite the pujas, the child continued to laugh from the coconut tree. The family was left clueless.

I misspoke — they didn’t call a witch doctor they called an astrologer. I have my fucking scam artists confused. Long story short the coconut tree guy shows up and realizes he left his cell phone in the tree the last time he was there working. His ringtone is a laughing baby. Mystery solved, cancel the 2pm meeting with Angela Lansbury.

Bigger mystery — Who the fuck has a laughing baby for a ringtone?!?! More importantly, what’s this guy’s number and what does he charge for dead carcass removal. It will involve travel to the US.

And YES I read the Banglore Mirror. Where do you get your Bangladesh news? The Gazette?!? That paper is a rag.


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